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Golf Jokes–Learning to play golf

My wife says to me one day “Ain’t it about time you learned to play this golf thing that all the other husbands are playin’?” So I go next door and ask my neighbor “Can you teach me to play golf?” He: “Sure. Have you got some balls and a discount golf club?” Me: “?…..of course. Why?” He: “Well bring’em to the club house tomorrow and we’ll Tee-off.” Me: “Tee-off? Whats this Tee-off?” He: “Oh, its just a golf term and we’ll Tee-off right next to the […]

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Play Golf Alone

Golf is one sophisticated and classy sport that most people want to learn. It is a popular and rewarding careerĀ  to some pro players like Tiger Woods. This sport can be fun and exciting especially if you are with your friends and even with your kids. Sometimes, you just feel to be alone in doing the things that you like. It is a good way to relax your mind and feel that you are in full control of everything. If you are alone, you can surely play […]

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Learn to Play Golf in the Winter

Golf is one sport that is put to test when winter comes. It is generally an outdoor sport, that’s why it is usually put off when the temperatures drop. Do not let the season hold you back because you can always learn to play golf even during winter. The following are helpful tips for one to enjoy golf even days are cold: Find or create an indoor golf facility. Somewhere in your neighborhood or in your city, if there are gold courses then there must also be […]

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