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Golf Lessons For Beginners – The Putt

Putting is akin to an art. It can make or break a golfer. Some great golfers have serious problems with putts and they develop a psychological problem that results in what is known as a dose of the yips. Apparently yips an occur in other sports as well and Tennis is one of those. In golf a player with the yips can hit the short putt maybe 3 feet past the pin and a foot to one side. And can do it again with the next putt. […]

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Golf Lessons For Beginners and Others

If you have seen my article entitled Beginners Golf Lessons you will have been left in no doubt that learning the basics properly is the right way to start learning about golf. In this article I will try to tell you a little about the important fundamental skills necessary for the game of golf. 1. Driving: There is no doubt that driving is one of the very important skills you need to play golf properly. There are a few fundamentals to driving that you must master – […]

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