Show Them You Have Balls

Golf is a sport which looks a lot easier than it is.

There is plenty of skepticism about the athletic abilities of professional golfers – and that has not been without reason in some cases – but the truth is that if you are going to spend four days of 50 weeks every year walking several miles and contorting your body into an unnatural position over a hundred times each day (when practise is taken into account) then you’d better be pretty limber.

You can make the sport a little easier, though, by picking the right equipment. A good set of golf balls will make it a lot easier on you.

Golf balls are reasonably simple things. They are dimpled plastic on the outside, wrapped around a rubber center, and that is pretty much it. But the difference between the balls you use and the ones that are used in championship tournaments would surprise you.

There are now, on the market, sets of golf balls for beginners, which do what they can to correct the kind of spin and slice that is common in a novice golfer’s shots. They may be a worthwhile investment.

Getting off a good shot makes you more disposed towards continuing a golf game.

There are few amateurs (or professionals, come to that) who have not stormed off course in a huff after the first few shots of the day went into water, sand, long grass and trees. Picking the right golf balls can make this a less frequent occurrence.