More Advanced Golf Shots- Plugged Lie and Hardpan

Do more advanced golf shots you like plugged lies or hitting off of hardpan confuse you? If so, here are a few golf tips to set up correctly for these advanced golf shots which will inevitably crop up every so often during your round.  Be prepared and save an otherwise good golf score!

Advanced Golf Shot: Plugged Lie

A plugged lie is when the ball has come to rest in a pitch mark.  The trick with this advanced golf shot is to set up for the shot properly with the right club while restricting the golf swing.

To hit out of a plugged lie, take a lofted club such as a pitching wedge or sand wedge. Grip the club firmer and position your body so that the ball is back in your stance (about 1 to 2 inches right of center for a right-handed golfer).  Place your body weight on your left side and keep it there throughout the swing. Hit down on the ball and restrict your follow-through.

Because of the loft of the club and the downward motion of your swing, the ball will pop out of the plugged lie quite easily and should position you well for your next golf shot.

Advanced Golf Shot: Hitting the Ball off of Hardpan

Similar to the plugged lie, hitting the ball off of hardpan can be accomplished with the proper set up.  We consider this an advanced golf shot because if you do not hit the ball properly off of hard pan, the golf ball is bound to go anywhere.

To hit off of hardpan, first, position your body so that the golf ball is closer to left heel.  This facilitates “clipping” the ball off of hardpan without creating a divot.  Second, use more golf club than normal allowing for shorter backswing.  So, if you want to shoot a 140 yard shot and usually use an eight iron, use a seven iron if your ball lies on hardpan.  Third, once you are set up properly, hit down into the ball with a smooth, fluid swing while concentrating on solid ball contact.

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