Learning From The Professionals

When we are growing up, we latch on to a favorite sport pretty quickly, and this can either blossom into a generalized love of sport or a specific enjoyment of a particular sport.

Whichever is the case, we quickly find ourselves dreaming of emulating those stars on the screen in front of us. We’d all like to do what Pelé did, or throw like Dan Marino, or run a hundred meters faster than Usain Bolt.

Golf is no different. Unlike the above-mentioned sports, though, golf is one where you can achieve a lot of what the stars do.

PGA golf professionals dream of shooting the lowest round they possibly can, where every shot goes right where they wanted, as far and as accurate as possible.

But every golfer is delighted when they manage to land a hole-in-one – for many it is the highlight of their career.

That is something which a club player can do themselves – with enough practice you can be hitting the green with your tee shot on any short hole and when you do that you can end up with a hole-in-one very easily.

The best PGA golf professionals are on a plateau that those of us who play for fun can only dream of. But for the time you are out there on the course, you see what the professionals see.

You have the calculations to make that they have to make too – and that is one of the things that makes a golf fan closer to their heroes than any other sports fan.