Learn To Play Golf

As great as the game of golf is, I have heard it said that golf is the largest Rubik’s cube that will never be figured out. With that being said, how are beginner golfers supposed to learn how to play golf? Fortunately, there are many ways to learn how to play golf and enjoy this game. For example, the game of golf has a rich history that you can spend hours and hours reading and/or researching.

There are three basic ways to learn how to play golf.

1) Take an Individual Lesson – There are many other things that you would not attempt to learn yourself. However, everybody thinks that hitting a little white ball can not be that hard so they try it themselves or they have a friend teach them how to play golf. Just as if you are cooking or building a building there are some fundamental things that need to happen so the end result is reached.

An individual lesson is the best way to get the most individual attention to your swing and you should see the quickest results. When first learning how to play golf, I would suggest taking thirty-minute lessons and not an hour lesson. The reason why is that you will be hearing a lot of new information and you will only be able to process so much of it.

The Professional should start with putting and gradually move farther and farther away from the hole. In addition, you will physically be asked to do things that you are not used to doing and you will tire quickly during the early lessons.

2) Take a Group Clinic – Learning in a group is another way to learn how to play golf. Finding a beginner clinic will place you with other new golfers who are at the same skill level and can turn into your new playing partners. Typically during a group clinic, the instructor will give a presentation to the group and then allow everyone to spread out on the range tee and will spend some individual time with each student.

If you like to learn at your own pace this is a good place for you to start. Before you sign up for the clinic, make sure that the clinic will cover all aspects of the game. The clinic should spend time on putting, chipping, pitching, full swing and the rules. This way you are exposed to all aspects of the game. A clinic that goes to the range every meeting is not going to do you much good once you get your golf ball up and around the green. What do you do then?

Learning how to putt and chip is very important when you are first learning how to play golf as more than 50% of your shots will be considered “short game shots.” Learning these shots will be the quickest way to lower your scores.

3) The third way to learn how to play golf – is to teach yourself the game through reading golf instruction books, watching golf instruction DVDs as well as actual trial and error. Obviously, this will take the longest to master. However, if scoring is not your main objective and gaining more exercise or spotting nature during your round is more important to you then this is (by far) the most inexpensive route to take.

If you are interested in learning how to play golf, above are three different ways to become involved in the game. Feel free to also check out our Top Rated Golf Tips E-Books from our Shop here and Use the coupon code: “gtw2017” to get 15% discount on your order.