It’s A Golf Course, Not A Catwalk

There is a certain standard which is expected from a golfer and their clothing on course.

It is defined by most people as ‘appalling’, and often takes the form of the most disgusting pastel-shade t-shirts along with unacceptable stay-pressed slacks and a sun visor to complete the set.

Indeed the professional golfer Ian Poulter has gained a reputation for out-doing himself every time he takes to the course in a marginally more hideous get-up than the last time.

The question has to be asked. Must golf clothing make you look like you get dressed in the dark?

The answer to this question is ‘no’, but golfers have for many years had a reputation for dressing like idiots and it would be unfair to expect them to suddenly become haute couture models.

The best you can ask for from golf clothing is that it be comfortable enough to allow you to get the best out of your swing, while being adaptable enough to deal with changing temperatures outdoors and not so bright that it puts off your fellow players.

If you can touch all those bases, then it is acceptable to wear pink trousers.

When looking for golf clothing, you essentially want a shirt or jumper that is tight enough to not dangle and get in the way while being loose enough to not restrict your swing.

You want trousers that will not make it uncomfortable to adopt a putting stance and shoes which do not mark the green for other putters. If you tick those boxes then there is no real limitation on what you should wear.