Improve My Golf Swing – For Beginners

If you have read my first article entitled Beginners Golf Lessons you will see that getting the basics right is the proper way to start. In this article I want to address the very important aspect of the game that is the golf swing.

No golf lessons for beginners would be complete without an in-depth examination of the golf swing. As someone rightly stated it is highly unlikely that you will ever have a golf swing like Tiger Woods or indeed any of the pros on the tours but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a very serviceable swing that will make you a very respectable golfer.

Its a well know fact that young children when they are given a golf club develop a very natural golf swing. The same is not true of people who take up golf in later life. People like that have to learn the golf swing. Another fact is that no two golf swings are the same. This is true because no two people have the exact same physical make up.

However despite the fact that no two golf swings are identical there are certain fundamental principles that apply to all golf swings. These are as follows:

1. Addressing the ball – it is a well known fact that a player has to address the ball properly in the following manner:- Having placed the ball on the tee (when you are on the teebox ready to drive) you must stand at a distance of about 3 feet from the ball. Your feet must be lined up towards the target (in this case the middle of the fairway) and the inside of your left heel (if you are right handed) should be in line with the ball.

2. Assuming you have a standard grip you place the club head behind the ball squarely with your elbows close to your body.

3. As you swing your club your body should pivot so that your back is momentarily towards the target at the top of your back swing. Incidentally it is advised that your back swing is slow.

4. You do not pause your club at the top of your back swing. The swing is all one movement.

5. You hit the ball squarely with your downswing.

6. Follow through: This is probably the most important part of your swing. As the club continues, having hit the ball, you must follow through. The best advice I was given was to think of throwing a basin of water over your shoulder. If you think along those lines your follow through will be superb and so will your shot.

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