Guide to Golf Rules

Golf is an old game; records show that it originated in Netherlands in the year 1297. The initial equipment was a stick and a leather ball, which scholarly individuals play. Today, varieties to golf clubs are being used to play this game. Players are commonly the upper class individuals, however, developments introduced golfing to the middle class individuals as well. It is therefore useful for golf players to know the rules before embarking on laying their foot on the tee.

This article will guide you to some of the important golf rules to follow while playing this game.

It may help to mention at this point, that the two large golf organizations that take care of the establishment and enforcement of the rules are the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews (R&A).

Both these bodies carry the flag of fairness in the rules. To help you play this game fair and square, keep in mind rules of the game and apply. Let these rules guide you and enjoy playing this relaxing game on the green, in the bunker and even on the water hazard.

Golf Rules

– Follow the equipment rules; depending on the tournament you are joining, you will need to bring the proper gear before you will be allowed to play.

– Players should play the ball right in the position where it rested after a stroke.

– Player must not accept assistance in making a stroke.

– The course must not be altered to gain advantage over the opponent

– The ball will only be replaced once proven unplayable or destroyed.

– An amateur player should not have received money for playing the game.

This is the general rule; some diversions to the rule apply in some other associations. However, most golfers all over the world follow the above rules.

The rules however will not make sure that you are going to be able to play a good game. Practice and fairness in all aspect of the game need to be followed and you are well on your way to enjoying the game to its fullest.

Finally, the choice of your golf club may also be important. You however do not need to buy expensive and branded golf clubs. This is a common mistake of golf beginners, they purchase costly golf clubs and when they finally hit the green, they are not comfortable with their equipment, they fail in their effort, and their hard-earned money went flying out their window.

The recommendation of golf experts is that you use the equipment you are comfortable with. Buying a secondhand golf club will be advantageous for beginning golfers. If you have extra money, invest on your shoes and other gear rather than the branded golf clubs.