Guide To golf clubs

Golf started as early as 1297 in Netherlands. The players use a stick and a leather ball to play during that time. As time goes by different golf clubs emerged. Different sizes and different shapes of club head. If you are serious, you want to improve your golf game, knowing the right golf club is the best way to start.

Let me help you understand golf by understanding what golf club you need and how you can develop your swing with the use of your golf club.

I am telling you this early that you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for a golf club. Well, not until you are sure that your thousand-dollar golf club is what fits you.

So, how do you know what golf club fits you? Let us discuss first the characteristics of golf clubs before you decide which golf club you need.

What are the types of gold club?

  • Putter
  • Iron
  • Wood
  • Wedge
  • Driver


The putter’s job is merely to send the ball rolling. You do not need to employ as much strength here. Simple hit the ball to have it roll perpendicular to the hole. Simply put, the job of a putter is to roll the ball at a short distance.


The weight is an issue here, although the iron has the same function as the wood with respect to reach but because of the different characteristics of players, the iron has more diversity of use as compared to the wood. The iron can bring the ball as far as the wood but the iron likewise has the function of arcing the plight of the ball.


As mentioned the function of the wood is to bring the ball as far as possible. Thus, the club head of the wood is the biggest. Its main function is to bring the ball far, but the swing or the stroke may determine the direction of the ball.


Mostly wedges are made of iron; one of its major functions is to play the ball in water or sand hazard. Again, there are many shapes of the wedge head; this is because each head may have a different function than the other.


The driver is mostly made of wood; the popular use of the driver is on the tee. You may find it difficult to use the driver on the tee but you may practice your swing and later on, you will be comfortable.

Of course, because different players have their different comfortable clubs, you may therefore need to recognize which one is yours and practice that particular club as much as you can.

The golf club may help you improve your game. It is therefore important that you are comfortable with your golf club and thus practice as much as you can. This is the only way to improve your game and your enjoyment in this strategic game.

Finally, yes, the choice of club is important but if you do not practice your swing on and off the green, it may be hard for you to lower your score and improve your handicap.

This game is not physically draining but it is strategic, it may help therefore that you find a mentor and your mentor will be able to guide you well into playing this game.