Golf Lessons For Beginners – The Putt

Putting is akin to an art. It can make or break a golfer. Some great golfers have serious problems with putts and they develop a psychological problem that results in what is known as a dose of the yips. Apparently yips an occur in other sports as well and Tennis is one of those. In golf a player with the yips can hit the short putt maybe 3 feet past the pin and a foot to one side. And can do it again with the next putt.

Here are my tips for getting great putts.

1. Line up your shot: Many golfers don’t actually line up their putt shots properly. This requires you to read the green. As you know most greens have what are known as “breaks” on them. If you hit the ball straight at the hole it will veer to the left or the right. So you have to learn to make a judgement. If you decide that the break is to the right then line up your shot on the left. Decide on the distance from the hole and hit the ball at that imaginary spot.

2. Line up you putter to the ball: The centre of your putter head should be aimed at the centre of the ball. Many beginners forget to do this or don’t even know about it. It is very important as the roll of the ball is determined by the stroke being delivered on the centre of the ball by the centre of the putter.

3. Keep your head down: Look at the ball as you strike it and do not raise your head until the ball is almost at the hole. A sudden movement of your head during the putting stroke can result in you “pulling” or “pushing” your putt.

4. Pace: Judging the pace of putt and therefore the power of the putt is a very individual thing. One of my friends actually measures his putts by stepping the distance from the ball to the hole and calibrating his stroke to suit. I don’t do this but rely on my experience and judgement. Everyone should at least think carefully about pace. If your putt is uphill then you must hit the ball harder. If its downhill a touch may be enough.

5. Follow through: As with all shots in golf the follow through is very important but nowhere more important than on the putting green. If you follow the instructions just outlined above and finish with a follow through you will find that most of your putts will be on target.

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