Golf For Beginners – What to Wear

If you are new to golf you may be wondering what you should wear on the driving range, around the practice area and on the golf course. You will want to fit in with other golfers and not be an obvious beginner. You will want to look the part but not stand out, particularly when you are learning to play otherwise you will draw attention to yourself unnecessarily. This may inhibit you and distract you.

There are dress codes for playing golf, but they are not as rigid as you might think and it does depend on what you are doing and the types of golf course you are playing on. You don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself either by dressing inappropriately or sloppily whilst you are practicing, do you? Best to fit in with the crowd unobtrusively to begin with until you have the confidence to get noticed.

On the driving range, the practice area and for lessons with the golf pro it doesn’t matter too much what you wear.

A casual sports shirt, a sweater or fleece, a pair of jeans or casual pants will do. It is advisable to have some golf shoes, although this is not absolutely necessary in the very early stages of learning the game. Trainers or sport shoes will do on the range and practice areas.

If you do buy golf shoes, don’t spend a fortune in the beginning. For one thing, you don’t want to invest heavily on clothing before you know whether you really want to continue playing golf.

You can buy some golf shoes for as little as $ 15 from some cheap sports good outlets to begin with and invest more on some decent shoes once you have started to play on the golf course.

Golf need not be expensive when you first start to learn to play. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident and you can invest more a little later.

Charlie Wallace is a former college lecturer and trainer and now works as a consultant and internet marketer. He has been playing golf for over 5 years.