Getting Into The Swing Of Things

Watching golf on TV, it is often very easy to become complacent about what the sport requires of you.

To the untrained eye, it is simply a matter of hitting the ball really hard once, slightly less hard another time or two, and then trying to get an accurate putt to round the hole off.

What could be more simple? Actually, a lot of things.

It may seem like those professionals just put the ball on the tee and smash it as hard as they can, but even the action replays the networks show cannot prepare you for the sheer physics of the best golf swing. It will take you a while to hone yours, be in no doubt about that.

A successful golf swing is about three specific parts – the back swing, the swing itself and the follow-through.

Professional golfers spend forever honing their swing and even at the top of their game can sometimes get it wrong.

The back swing is about building up power, the swing itself is to direct and control the shot.

The follow-through – although the ball has gone by this time – needs to be clean and full, otherwise you are likely going to shank your tee shot or do yourself an injury.

If you cannot get to the course as often as would be ideal, then you are going to have to practice like young budding guitarists do – in front of a mirror with something that will pass for a prop.

You need to practice holding for long enough at the top of your back swing, and powering through to get the best shot.

It may seem embarrassing, but it will pay off when you hit the course for real.