General Knowledge About Golf Clubs

Fairway Woods is. 2-wood (brassie), 3-wood (spoon), 4-wood (baffy) and 5-wood (cleek). Fairway wood is not only to have distance, but also the accuracy of the clubs is mainly used in the fairway, and so wins its name. In the long rough grass or fairway sand pit, ball position can also be used when the state is better.

On the tee with 1-wood tee, you can use the tee ball stand up, and fairway wood is generally used to hit the ball on the ground or sand. As the state’s restrictions on the location of the ball, can be more difficult to play No. 1 Woods difficult, so it is prone to a variety of error ball. Because the club length and loft of the relationship, often difficult to generate the ball up the feeling, most people with a sense of hitting the ball up, resulting in the body to the upper left-Song of the action, but the ball hit to head above, resulting in ground ball. The height of the flight line of the ball by the side of the angle the ball levers decision, as long as the process in the batting order to the body axis as the center, turn right to the body, no extra movement up and down or shrug, as Fairway levers surface angle greater than 1-wood, natural trajectory can play the ball above the wood 1.

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In using a fairway wood, its stance would be narrower than the driver, and the ball’s position remains unchanged, still located inside the left foot heel line, but the right foot wood than 1 Slight left foot moves.

When in the swing you should have rhythm, swing when the club’s position and vertex 1 wood slightly different when using the No. 1 wood club basic golf swing vertex parallel to the ground, that the club head is pointing Watch three position, while using a fairway wood, the club with the ground at an angle, basically pointing to 2 o’clock position. Maybe PING Rapture V2 Fairway Wood can fit your need.


When having golf swing, you should also pay attention to maintaining smooth rhythm, and do not use the club head to hit the ball to drop from the top down, instead of feeling Esau batting position to head the ball rapidly swept from, so that the underside of the head almost close to the ground to the flight direction of the ball low and long glide, so to be able to play good shots. In short, a very important issue for using a fairway wood is to use the head to catch the ball, instead hit the ball up and down.

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