Basics Of Golf For The Golf Beginners

There are many elements to the game of golf and specifically to the golf swing. You have the rules, the equipment, what to wear, where to play, the list goes on and on. But what are the core golf basics of the fundamental golf swing? What are the key golf basics tips to simply make successful contact with the golf ball and get it airborne? This article covers the basics of the golf swing including grip, posture, stance, backswing golf basics and downswing golf basics.

Golf Basics: The Grip

The recommended golf grip is what is known as the Vardon Overlap grip. It is used by the vast majority of golfers. Here are the golf basic tips for the Vardon Overlap grip (for right handers):

Take little finger of right hand and place it between index and middle finger of left hand (leading hand).
Left hand thumb should fit in lifeline of right hand.
When looking down at grip, knuckles of the left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.
Check that the creases of thumbs and forefingers point between right side of face and right shoulder.

Golf Basics: Posture and Stance Checkpoints

Body weight in middle of feet.
Tilt from hips approximately 30 degrees to achieve proper spine angle.
Knees slightly flexed.
Keep back straight. Visualize an axis line down spine. Rotate around this axis line throughout swing.
Arms hang freely.
Chin up and off chest.
Stance: shoulder-width for mid-irons; slightly wider for longer irons and woods; slightly narrower for shorter irons and wedges.

Golf Basics: Ball Position

Driver – three balls forward from center (aligned with heel of left foot).
3, 5 Wood & Hybrid (also 1-4 Irons) two balls forward from center.
5,6 & 7 Iron – one ball forward from center.
8, 9 & Wedges – ball in center of stance.

Golf Basics: The Backswing

1.Shift body weight to inside of right leg as club is taken back.
2.As hands approach waist, wrists start to hinge/cock.
3.At the top of backswing, left arm is straight and 80% of weight on right leg; keep right knee flexed.
4.Shoulder turn90; Hip turn45.

Golf Basics: The Downswing

1.First movement of downswing is weight shift of body to left, then hips, arms and shoulders unwind to impact.
2.At impact, club is released by unhinging wrists and delivering club square through ballkeep head behind ball at impact.
3.As body turns to target through impact, arms and club extend down target line.
4.At finish, belt buckle faces target, club is wrapped around shoulder; 90% of body weight on left leg with right foot on toes.

If you got the golf basics and the golf instructions then why you waiting select any golf course to bring your learning in to practice. Buy golf books to enhance your golf skills.

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