Basic Golf Tips For Beginners

If you are new to golf and trying to find some useful easy to understand tips to improve your game, I think I can help. I started several years ago and very early I became frustrated with the lack of true beginner information that was available. I hope some of these tips will help.

First you need to make sure your grip is correct. You have probably seen or read a lot on this subject. Most can be confusing. I prefer the overlapped index pinky finger approach. There is also a wrap around grip but if you don’t have crazy long fingers this will never feel right. The only other thing to remember about the grip is that the club should rest in the fingers of the left hand, not the palm. If you do both of these your grip should be just fine.

The next golf tip is your setup. You want your shoulders directly over your feet and a slight bend in the knees. This should feel comfortable. If you feel that you are in a weird position you are probably doing it wrong. This is actually a very relaxed stance. You should feel balanced in this position. You don’t want to be on the balls or the heels of your feet. Somewhere in the middle.

Ball position is argued all the time but for beginners the easiest way to start is to play the ball from just inside you left heel. Also this puts you in a great position with your setup. If you look closely with your club in your hand you should see your club and your arms come together to make the letter Y. Now you are ready to make a swing.

Here we are at your backswing! So much is made about this and really there is not much to it. Move the club away from the ball, not with your hands, but by the beginning of your shoulder rotation. Next you want to get the club so that it is parallel with the ground and the grip is pointed straight to your target. Once you are in this position you simply finish your rotation. At the top of the backswing you should feel enormous tension and at this point all you really need to do is turn back to your target. I know that sounds really simplified but if you want to hit good balls this is the way to do it.

Okay so now you have all of the golf tips that should make the game of golf more fun. Let’s face it, it’s no fun if you are no good. One quick thing, remember that tempo is everything. The transition from the backswing to contact is where you will either get better or you won’t. I hope you find some good times in this game.

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